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If you could invent one thing, what would it be, who would you make it for, and why?

Special Challenges are created by us and will be influenced by your comments - so let us know your thoughts and ideas! Email us at


Every month, we will choose one First Prize winner for $20, one Second Prize winner for $15, and one Third Prize winner for $10. In addition, we occasionally offer Special Prizes for other outstanding videos. If at first you don't win, don't lose heart, keep creating and sharing your videos!


Your highest chance to win First or Second Prize is if you follow a Special Challenge, but videos on alternative topics will also be considered for prizes.

Good Luck!

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Be the first (outside of FooTube Co.)* to add something!

Me throwing cards (Mikk). It's fun, and easy (once you get used to it). Random thing, pretty fun.

*FooTube, FooTubeFun, & FooTube Co are not registered or trademarked items. We reserve all copyrights for FooTube.
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