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What is FooTubeFun?

FooTubeFun is a place where kids can find other kids' videos, get inspiration, create their own videos, and even get a chance to win money! If you want to participate, look for a challenge you want to try, record yourself talking about that subject, and upload your video to FooTubeFun for a chance to win cash prizes! Every month, we give away at least three prizes (details below). We are focused on keeping FooTubeFun for kids and by kids. View the Challenges page to learn more about topics for making and sharing your own videos. Visit the How To page for tips and tricks on creating your own video.

Why did we start FooTubeFun?

We started FooTubeFun as a chance to earn pocket money, as we are 11 and 14 and we don't have paying jobs. Our parents challenged us to create something of value for not just us, but also for other kids. So we said, let's create a collection of videos for kids, by kids. Let's build a site where kids can upload videos of what they are interested in - and win cash prizes! Our parents agreed to fund the prizes and pay us to manage the site. So that is why we created FooTubeFun.



Are you in, for an easy chance to win? Every month, we will give out cash prizes! First Prize is $20, Second Prize is $15, Third Prize is $10, and on occasion, we will award special prizes for outstanding videos.


Your videos and sharing FooTubeFun with your friends helps us create a video library for all kids to share, while discovering what other kids find interesting.

Check out videos under the Challenges page - there are subpages for Special Challenge, Big Questions, Storytelling, Funnies & Bloopers and Other with videos we have made. We hope to add your videos on these pages, too!

To learn more about how to create, edit, and submit your videos, see our How To page.


Mikk - 14
Chief Technology Officer

I love coding and ceramics - check out links to the games and ceramics I have created! The pocket money will go towards getting a pottery wheel to do ceramics at home. I love Portal 2, Ark and similar games.

Mati - 11
Chief Creative Officer

I love playing my steel tongue drum and hope to get a  real handpan eventually. My pocketmoney will go towards a RAV Drum. I also love games like Ark Survival Evolved. Check out my links! 

William - 10

I am a Creative Consultant for FooTubeFun. 

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