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Do you have stories to tell, or fun moments you captured on video? For us, we got stuck in a desert dust storm in Arizona, and got a few memorable recordings from it. We also enjoyed playing with ice cream. Over time, we hope to have more stories to share. Please upload yours!

We are not looking for great video editing - just tell us about you, your world, your life, your stories. If you enjoy editing and playing with videos, go for it, but it is not at all required.

Making a smoothie for brother. It's hot out today!

Ice cream for breakfast? Why not?

This is a video of me climbing at nõmme seikluspark. Here, I was on a not-tight tight-rope, with four thicker rope hanging 15ft apart, so I fell. It was difficult to get back up, but I did it! Luckily I had my harness on tight.


Mattias playing a handpan (his favorite instrument) at a coffee shop. He was with his instructor who had a handpan there.

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